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2017 Education Grants

SAPFM is seeking candidates/applicants for two $2,500 education grants for the 2017 school year.  Candidates must be full time students enrolled in an accredited program in cabinetmaking or a related field.  These scholarships are not directly need-based but will focus on the candidates’ interest in period furniture construction and restoration.  Full details of the requirements and application process can be found here.

Ron Young Furniture Plans Available to SAPFM Members

2016 Cartouche Recipient Ron Young has offered to share full-sized drawings of some of his furniture with his fellow SAPFM members.
Ron is an engineer by trade and training. Before he begins a project, he develops a complete set of full-size plans. Each set of plans comes with a printer-quality 11” x 17” color print of the furniture piece.  Most plans are 36” x 36” or 36" x 48”.
The plans are available for member purchase in the SAPFM Store.  All money received above the cost of producing and mailing the plans is specifically used to support the educational grant program of SAPFM.

Upcoming Events

of Early America.  March 24 -25, 2017.  Winston-Salem, NC.
Quaker connections from New England to Pennsylvania and down the Great Wagon Road into
Virginia and North Carolina will be the subject of this 2017 MESDA seminar.
Hands-on woodworking demonstrations led by 2011 Cartouche recipient Ben Hobbs and Mary
May will focus on furniture carving throughout the Quaker network of cabinetmakers from
North to South. 
Space is limited.  Register here.

Florida Chapter Spring Meeting.  March 25-26, 2017. Christmas, FL.

The meeting will be held at Mike Longeran’s shop.  The doors will open at 8:00am. 
Presenter:  Ronnie Young
The program will be a two day demonstration of the construction of the Federal period cellarette featured in American Period Furniture 2016 (pp. 10-17).  

ORV Spring Meeting. April 1-2, 2017. University of Rio Grande, OH.





Delaware Valley Chapter Spring Meeting.  April 1, 2017.  Parkersburg, PA.
Demonstrations will include line and berry inlay, stringing techniques, veneering curved surfaces like a serpentine drawer front and making a wooden hinge for a Federal card table.

Woodworker's Showcase.  April 1 - 2, 2017.  Saratoga Springs, NY.

Over 600 examples of fine woodworking of all types.

SAPFM Presenters:  

  • Freddy Roman
  • Mike Mascelli
  • Doug Stowe
  • Bob Van Dyke



Tidewater Chapter Spring Meeting.  April 8, 2017.  Yorktown, VA.

The meeting will be held at the newly-renovated American Revolution Museum.


Furniture Study Day: The Federal Period in Connecticut River Valley Furniture.  April 8, 2017.  Hartford, CT.

Christine Ritok (Associate Curator, Historic Deerfield), and Kevin G. Ferrigno (Chairman, CHS Collections Steering Committee) discuss their research on Connecticut River Valley cabinetmakers working during the Federal period. 
This study day will provide an opportunity to learn about important objects in the CHS collection through up-close examination. 


Southern California Chapter Spring Meeting.  April 21 - 23, 2017.  
Norwalk, CA.

Presenter:  2005 Cartouche Recipient Phil Lowe.


Fine Woodworking Live 2017.  April 21 -23.  Southbridge, MA

The featured presenter is Hank Gilpin, a star pupil of Tage Frid.

SAPFM presenters include:

  • 2012 Cartouche recipient Al Breed
  • Steve Latta
  • Bob Van Dyke

Early Bird registration is available here.





Winterthur-SAPFM Furniture Program. April 28 - 29, 2017. Winterthur, DE.

Sold Out! This special event is available only to current SAPFM members
The event is much more interactive than a typical tour through the Winterthur
Museum exhibits. Participants will see and be able to photograph a special
selection of furniture chosen by the conservators based upon periods and
variants cited as being of particular interest to SAPFM members, talk with
conservators in their work areas, and explore the resources this museum
makes available to the public through its expansive library and outreach
activities. Participation is limited to fourty (40) members.  
More information is available here
    SF Bay Area Spring Meeting. April 29, 2017. San Carlos, CA.  

Iroquois Chapter Meeting.  May 13, 2017. Old Fort Erie, Ontario CA.

The Iroquois Chapter will be crossing the border into Canada to visit four historic sites – Old Fort Erie, the Laura Secord Homested, the MacKenzie Printery, and the MacFarland House.  The focus will be on Canadian period furniture, but the sites are also entwined with the war of 1812, so we will get some perspective of that war from the Canadian point of view as well. 


EAIA Annual Meeting. May 17-20, 2017. Sturbridge, MA.

The Early American Industries Association (EAIA) program will include a wide range of activities and take advantage of almost all of the resources of Old Sturbridge Village.


Handworks 2017.  May 19 -20, 2017.  Amana, IA

Special presenter:  Roy Underhill

Be sure to stop by the SAPFM booth!
If you want to help staff the booth, contact Bob Compton.

Middlesex County History Day. May 21, 2017.   Piscataway, NJ.

As part of SAPFM's outreach program SAPFM members will be demonstrating to the public at the East Jersey Olde Town Village.


Mid-Year 2017.  June 22 - 26, 2017.  Old Salem, NC.


  • Steve Latta 
  • Martin OBrien
  • Ronnie Young2016 Cartouche Recipient
  • Brian Coe


Simple Gifts:  Shaker at the Met.  July 13, 2016 -  June 25, 2017.  New York, NY.
A Compass to Guide: South Carolina Cabinetmakers Today.  August 1, 2016 - July 15, 2017. Columbia, SC.
The exhibition wil focus on furniture from cabinetmakers actively practicing in South Carolina, with18th and 19th century examples of South Carolina furniture providing historical context. 

Making Connecticut. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT.  

An ongoing exhibit four hundred-plus years in the making: The story of the people of Connecticut, from the 1500s through today.

Southern Flair.  Ongoing. DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, Williamsburg VA.



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Available until May 1st !

Contemporary Classics: Selections from the Society of American Period Furniture Makers 


American Period Furniture

SAPFM eZine- Pins & Tales

We are pleased to present the Winter 2016 issue of Pins & Tales, the SAPFM e-Magazine. Read more about the current issue here.
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SAPFM Videos

The Modern Master:  Al Breed  
Fine Woodworking Live 2017 preview.  
Roanoake River Chairs  
Footage:  Barry L. Daniel
From a presentation given at the 2016 Tidewater Chapter Fall meeting.  
Ronnie Young on Highland Woodworker        

In Episode 23's 'Moment With a Master', Ronnie Young tells his story and demonstrates his method for creating beautiful paterae inlay.  (27:08 into the video.)

Brock Jobe discusses 'trick leg' tables  
Footage:  Mark Giles
A Method for Producing Seymour Line-and Dart Banding  

Read the hardcopy companion article to this video in 2105's American Period Furniture, or online in the SAPFM members area.


SAPFM Photos

Chesapeake Chapter/MCHS

Photo:  Mark Maleski

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, Braxton Brewing Co.

Delaware Valley Chapter Fall Meeting


In the News

Making Things Work: Tales From a Cabinetmaker’s Life


A Museum in Old Salem Tells Our Settlers’ Tales


Kneeland and Adams Ledger Discovery To Shed Light On Hartford Trade

Photo:  CHS