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Working Wood in the 18th Century Registration Opens This Friday

Registration opens this Friday, August 25th. Be sure to register fast as there is only a single session, and it will fill quickly. 

SAPFM will hold key events for members in conjunction with the Working Wood conference: 

  • On Thursday the 25th  we will hold our annual Members Meeting.
  • On Friday evening, the 26th we will hold our annual Cartouche Banquet. Registration for the Banquet is separate and will be open at a later date.

Midyear Update

The 2018 SAPFM Midyear is now planned for Old Sturbridge Village, July 19 – 22, 2018. Facilities at our tentative site of Historic Deerfield proved inadequate for some aspects of the midyear, and local lodging costs were too high.

Old Sturbridge is a wonderful location for a midyear, as our popular 2014 event proved. Stay tuned for additional information as our plans firm up.

Londonberry Brasses Sale

Nancy Cogger, owner and operator of Londonberry Brasses, passed away recently.  Her family is attempting to sell the business, and is offering a 10 percent discount on in-stock items.  (No returns are accepted on these purchased discount items).
For more details, contact Ken Johnson.

Board of Directors Elections Six weeks Away 

The Nominating Committee still short one candidate to fill all of the vacancies resulting from the expiring terms of existing Directors.  
As you all know, SAPFM is a volunteer organization and if we are to continue to be successful and grow, members need to contribute their time and talents to move the group forward. 

SAPFM Sponsors Roy Underhill Presentation at the 2018 Working Wood in the 18th Century Conference 

Roy was the first master housewright at Colonial Williamsburg . Since 1979, he has been the host of the Public Broadcasting Service series, 'The Woodwright's Shop'. The show is one of the longest-running PBS shows.

For more information on the 2018 conference, click here.

Call for Cartouche Award Nominations

Each year the SAPFM cartouche selection committee identifies a candidate that exemplifies the qualities of a craftsman that has demonstrated a lifetime of furniture making.
See the Cartouche Award Guidelines for further details on submitting your candidate.  
The deadline for submissions is September 1.

Ron Young Furniture Plans Available to SAPFM Members

2016 Cartouche Recipient Ron Young has offered to share full-sized drawings of some of his furniture with his fellow SAPFM members.
Ron is an engineer by trade and training. Before he begins a project, he develops a complete set of full-size plans. Each set of plans comes with a printer-quality 11” x 17” color print of the furniture piece.  Most plans are 36” x 36” or 36" x 48”.
The plans are available for member purchase in the SAPFM Store.  All money received above the cost of producing and mailing the plans is specifically used to support the educational grant program of SAPFM.

Upcoming Events

This year's forum will examine the unspoken meanings imbedded in early American craftmanship.
  • Tara Hingston Cederholm 
  • Mack Cox 
  • Kevin Ferrigno 
  • Peter Kenny 
  • Ethan Lasser 
  • Clark Pearce 
  • Christine Ritok 
  • Christina Vida 
  • Gerald W.R. Ward 
  • Philip Zea 
    Hearne Hardwoods Open House.  September 29 - 30, 2017.  Oxford, PA.  
ADA/Historic Deerfield Antiques Show. October 7-8, 2017. Amherst, MA.
The Antiques Dealers' Association of America, in conjunction with Historic Deerfield, will bring together some of the nation's finest dealers for their annual antiques show. The show moves to a new location this year at the Mullins Center at the University of Massachusetts. 

ORV Chapter Fall Meeting.  October 14 - 15, 2017. Columbus, OH.


  • Charlie Watson-- Hands-on Ball and Claw Carving Class
  • Dave Boeff-- Period Chair Construction

Tidewater Chapter Fall Meeting.  November 4, 2017.  


  • Peter Ross
  • Barry Daniel


SAPFM presenters:

Presentation sponsored by SAPFM:

  • Roy Underhill
Registration opens in August, 2017.  Single-day registration options are not available.
Several SAPFM meetings and events will be held in conjunction the conference. These include an all-day Board meeting for Board members, a Members Meeting, and the Cartouche Banquet. Stay tuned for more information on these events.


Photo: Historic Deerfield

Why We Collect: Recent Acquisitions at Historic Deerfield, 2010-2017. Opens May 5, 2017.  Deerfield, MA.

A new exhibition at the Flynt Center, presenting more than 20 highlights from the collection that have been acquired in the past seven years.  The exhibition explains how these objects help to understand everyday life, work, and culture in New England's past, and why the museum's staff added them to the collection. 

Planed, Grained, & Dovetailed: Cabinetmaking in Rural New England.   Installed June 2017.  Sturbridge, MA.

The exhibition examines the tools, products, and livelihoods of rural New England cabinetmakers in the early 19th century. 

Photo:  © Vitra Design Museum, Jürgen Hans

Alexander Girard  -- A Designer’s Universe.  June 17, 2017 - October 8, 2017.   Bloomfield Hills, MI. 
Cranbrook Art Museum presents the U.S. debut of this career retrospective of Alexander Girard (1907–1993), one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century. 


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Bob Stevenson's dressing glass

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SAPFM eZine- Pins & Tales

We are pleased to present the Summer 2017 issue of Pins & Tales, the SAPFM e-Magazine. Read more about the current issue here.
Not a SAPFM member? You can receive a one-time eMagazine by signing our email list. Sign up here.

SAPFM Videos

The Modern Master:  Al Breed  
Fine Woodworking Live 2017 preview.  
Roanoake River Chairs  
Footage:  Barry L. Daniel
From a presentation given at the 2016 Tidewater Chapter Fall meeting.  
Ronnie Young on Highland Woodworker        

In Episode 23's 'Moment With a Master', Ronnie Young tells his story and demonstrates his method for creating beautiful paterae inlay.  (27:08 into the video.)

Brock Jobe discusses 'trick leg' tables  
Footage:  Mark Giles
A Method for Producing Seymour Line-and Dart Banding  

Read the hardcopy companion article to this video in 2105's American Period Furniture, or online in the SAPFM members area.

SAPFM Photos

Mid-Year 2017

Photo:  Dave Boeff

In the News

Professionals in the field of fine woodworking, with a minimum of four years of experience, are invited to apply for a $2,500 grant from the Krenov Foundation.  

Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture