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There is shellac trapped in the wood, but not on the surface of the wood, so perhaps shellac was applied only as a sealant on the block. There is an oilbased, red-pigmented stain on top of the wood that soaked deep into the fibers. This appears to be the original finish coat in all the samples from the secondary wood (samples 5 through 7). The second generation is a layer of pigmented varnish.


Sample 5 - Block. Visible Light, 200X.


Ultraviolet Light, 200X.


Visible Light, 400X.


UV Light & DCF for the presence of saturated and unsaturated lipids (oils) 200X + reactions for oils in the wood, in the red-pigmented stain and in the pigmented varnish


Sample 6 - Left bearer/cleat

This cross-section contains only fragmentary evidence of shellac in the wood, followed by remnants of the red-pigmented stain and a later pigmented varnish.


Sample 6 - Left bearer/cleat. Visible Light, 200X.


Ultraviolet Light, 200X.