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The bolt covers were the first to undergo wet stripping. This was carried out by laying a light brush coat of meths, then the bolt covers were
wrapped in a plastic cover. The practice of ‘wrapping’ allows the evaporation of the meths which softens the shellac polish more rapidly.
Bolt covers before work.
Once the polish was soft it was removed using both steel wool and a cloth of meths. Only light rubbing was used to avoid penetrating the timber
surface colour.
Bolt cover after the polish has been removed.
The depth of the carving required small sticks with cloth twisted around to help lift the typically 1980’s polish.
I also wanted to keep any original polish in the depth of carving to aid in rebuilding a contrast when re-polishing to maintain a period look.
It is interesting to note that the inside of both bolt covers showed signs of retaining the original polish finish.