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Both feet needed to be wet stripped to remove old shellac polish and dirt. The cleaning process brought to light the walnut repair made to the proper left foot and the vein of sapwood which runs up the inside back from the base of the claw.
  Closeup showing the walnut repair and walnut screw plugs.
The portion of the posts from the claw foot up to the central vase was dry stripped as most of the 80s polish had peeled off or could be peeled off very easily.  In the carved areas of the twisted reeds, straight reeds, undercarving and ā€™Sā€™ pipping, a light wash of meths and wire wool were used to remove stubborn polish in the groove.
  CBC10 CBC12
Middle section, showing the split above the
construction joint and the breakdown of both polish and colour.
  Natural light reveals the differences in colour and finish deterioration.