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Refinishing for all sections started off with a weak solution of shellac to meths (40-60%) to seal the woodwork and help retain the natural change in timber colour.
Once all sections were sealed the bolt covers were first to be refinished. A light coat of water stain Vandyke crystals to water, (made thick then reduced by adding 60% water) applied with a brush then softened off with a badger hair softener to give a contrast of colour which was then dried using a hot air gun. Colour was then sealed using a brushed coat of shellac polish (50%×50% Meths) and once dry both covers were wire wooled back with a little meths to break the surface colour.
Images showing the different colour
Once the bolt covers had their correct colour, they were hard wax polished using a dark/black pigmented wax. This was left over night and then burnished with a waxed brush and grades of waxing cloths until just clean.
The same process was carried out to the posts but with a weaker vandyke water stain, then sealed with shellac polish (50% 50%), then dry wire woolled and finished with pigmented beeswax. A second coat with additional Carnuba wax added was used to achieve a hard finish.