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Four fire screens detailed on the Thomas Affleck bill of 1770 are identified as ‘Group A’ in the Cadwalader Study.
One of four fire screens supplied by Thomas Affleck to John Cadwalader, 1770-71.
Clearly following the same design, both vases display a deep ‘V’ cut up the spine of the centre leaf, overlapping leaves with veining and double horizontal gouge marks. Their are subtle differences in the acanthus carving on the identically shaped vases. The punch decoration on both is precise and regular.
Comparison of vases on Cadwalader fire screen (left) and Cadwalader Tea Table (right).
Detail of punch decoration on both tea table vase (left) and junction of legs on Cadwalader fire screen (right).
As identified in the Cadwalader study, some of the fire screen legs have been constructed using laminations. This same unusual construction method is seen on the tea table.
Left: Detail of Lamination on Cadwalader Fire Screen from The Cadwalader Study, Right: Detail of leg of Tea Table.
Laminations were also found on the seat rails of some of the Cadwalader saddle-seat side chairs.


Attributed to Thomas Affleck 1770, carving attributed to Nicholas Bernard and Martin Juguiz.  This table produced at the same time as the subject of this article, shows a remarkable similarity in the acanthus carving ,although the shape of the vase is not as refined as the fire screens and tea table.
Stevenson tea table, 1770.
Cadwalader tea table, 1770.