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Acanthus carving on corner of cornice.

With the exception of eighteenth-century replacement side rails and a replacement headboard, the frame can be confirmed as intact, and not a marriage of different parts.

Holes in the rear of the front corners of the canopy show an unusual fastening method. Once located over the drapes on the subframe, a two-pronged dog is placed in these holes to keep the carvings secured.  

The carved and pierced canopy and poplar subframe retain their original hand-forged prongs and brackets.  Some of the screws have been replaced.  

Iron bracket on canopy tester rail.

There would have originally been six hooks to locate three rods.One hand-forged iron hook remains on the underside of the canopy to hold the missing curtain rods.  

Original iron hook on underside of tulip poplar canopy tester rails.

It is clear from their placement that curtains were intended at the foot posts, but did not obscure any of the carvings.