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Comparison of carved collar on bed post to keystone carving in St Peter’s Church, 1763
Similar carving to the St Peters keystone and bed knees the acanthus carving by Bernard & Jugiez can be
seen in the door consoles at Cliveden and in the drawing room at Mount Pleasant.
Chimney piece console, Mount Pleasant - 1764.
Flower heads on detachable bed knees.
As Luke Beckerdite has detailed in his Philadelphia Carving Shops Part II - Bernard & Jugiez, “The
flower in the lower left corner has a cylindrical centre with a gouged out impression in the top of it 
and veining like that on the flower on the chimney piece consoles at Cliveden”18 This same treatment
is seen on all of the flower heads carved on the bed.
In 1769 Bernard & Jugiez adorned the house of Samuel Powel with the same carvings.