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The lack of period rococo Philadelphia beds as comparators is regrettable, but The 1772 Philadelphia Furniture
Price Book helps us understand their form and gives a fascinating insight to their costing.
A bedstead with poplar stained frame, mahogany fluted foot posts, claw feet, moveable leaf carved knees and a
member carved on the capital and base was priced at £10.
Very few Philadelphia beds survive with leaf carved removable knees and it may well have been reserved for the
very best commissions.
“An outstanding example of a very rare type.
The carved kneecaps are removable and the
proportions of the foot posts are excellent.”
Albert Sack. 25
Chippendale mahogany four-post bed, Philadelphia,
circa 1750-80.  Albert Sack, Fine Points of Furniture.
The carved and pierced cedar cornice of the bed is consistent with that described in The Price Book “bed cornice
of cedar, cut open for carving or covering…scalloped on the upper edge…with pieces to the corners”.
The journeymen’s wages for cutting claws itemises a bedstead at 2s 6d each.