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Old Sturbridge Village Presentations


Derin Bray

Derin will speak about OSV’s exhibit, Bucket Town: Four Centuries of Toymaking and Coopering in Hingham, set to open June 21, 2014. For nearly two centuries Hingham served as the woodenware capital of the country, earning the nickname Bucket Town. Its sturdy pails and piggins were staples in New England homes. By the 1770s enterprising coopers had begun to produce miniature versions of these goods to sell as keepsakes and novelties. From their shops emerged the first and largest community of professional toy-makers in America. The recent discovery of a 1830s fully-intact toy and box-making shop in Hingham provides a rare opportunity to see inside this world. Displaying many of the contents of this shop as well as a significant amassed collection of Hingham produced woodenwares and miniature furniture, Bucket Town will mark the public debut of this extraordinary time capsule, and Derin will give an overview of this historic find.


Christie Jackson

While we often hear about the prolific cabinetmaking taking place in Boston and other coastal urban centers, furniture production in Worcester County was just as remarkable.  Indeed, Sturbridge and its surrounding towns were home to many skilled cabinetmakers. Christie will provide an overview of furniture-making in this area, especially highlighting the work of Nathan Lombard, an extraordinary 19th century cabinetmaker who was the focus of the recent exhibit Delightfully Designed—The Furniture and Life of Nathan Lombard. She will also provide an overview of 50,000 collection at Old Sturbridge Village, which includes 2,000 pieces of furniture made in New England.