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Q: I want to bring my spouse or partner along, but he/she isn’t an SAPFM member.  Can he/she also attend the full SAPFM Program with me?
Yes, if they have either a current Joint membership with you or they have a separate individual membership and each of you pay the individual event fee.  If they do not have either of these memberships, you will need to either upgrade your current individual membership to a Joint membership or apply for a separate individual membership in their name several days prior to when the event opens for registration.  They must be listed in the SAPFM online membership directory as either a joint member under your name or as a separate individual member for registration to be successful.   Registration requires the use of your SAPFM member ID and password.
My spouse/partner wants to come along on the trip, but isn’t particularly interested in the SAPFM furniture-focused Program.  Is there something else he/she can do while I’m participating in the SAPFM Program?
There are a variety of things they can do. 
  • The Winterthur grounds are famous for their diversity of plants from around the world, which would interest a landscaper, gardener or arborist.  
  • The regular Winterthur museum tours and Galleries are open to anyone who pays for a Day Pass, and we have included the pricing for general Day passes in the Costs section, Part 4, page 9.  
  • If your spouse/partner has an interest in Art or Antiques, and assuming they drive and that you have a rental or personal car, they could also go about four miles north up DE Route 52 (just turn right as you exit the Winterthur main gates) and about three more miles east on US Route 1 to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.  Stopping to spend an hour or two to go through the Brandywine Museum is a great treat for art lovers.  This museum is located on US 1 in Chadds Ford on the right / south side, near the railroad crossing.  The very extensive collection on display includes many Wyeth paintings and drawings, and other works by Wyeth contemporaries.  The collection of art work spans three generations of the Wyeth family.  Virtually across the road from the Brandywine Museum is the Brandywine Battlefield National Monument.  This is the site of one of the defining battles of the American Revolutionary War and a major victory for General George Washington.  There are also numerous antique shops in Chadds Ford and along US 1, with a wide variety of items for sale.
  • Alternatively, he or she can search the Internet and read Section 6 of this document to see what else might be of interest in the area while planning your trip.  It is an area rich with opportunities for tours and events, and heavy on Colonial America ties.
  • One more option for a spouse, partner or yourself – if you can live with it:  Delaware offers tax-free shopping.  No sales tax, period, no exceptions.  There is a Woodcraft in New Castle, Delaware too.
  • Alternatively, if you need furniture-grade lumber, you might want to visit Hearne Hardwoods, and have them ship what you select to you.  They are located behind a large farm implement sales business, just off US Route 1 on the north side of Oxford MD.  The location is some 18 miles west of Winterthur, and is fairly easy to drive to.
Q: I’m not sure I can take the time off to join this event, and won’t know until late February.  Should I register now or wait until I am certain I can attend?
This is a first-come, first served event limited to the first 40 enrollments. If you think you have a reasonable chance of attending, then we suggest you register as soon as possible. If you find you cannot attend, we will refund your money and offer your spot to the next person on the wait list until April 14th.  If you wait to enroll, and given the very strong interest in this program seen in the November Survey, you most likely will miss your chance to participate in 2017. We expect event enrollments to reach maximum capacity within the first few days of the opening of registration.
Q: Does the Winterthur complex have provisions for handicapped visitors? My spouse/partner is interested in attending with me but has had difficulties getting around museums in the past.
Winterthur is compliant with ADA requirements, and has elevators between floors and other features required under the federal law.
Q: My child is a budding furniture maker.  Could I bring him/her along?
An event participation requirement is that all persons attending the event be SAPFM members.  You must register them for a separate SAPFM membership prior to the event registration day, create a separate member id and password, and then separately register each of you on registration day.