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Because of the anticipated high demand for this program, the following registration rules and procedures will be followed throughout the registration process:
  1. Registration and attendance will be limited to the first 40 validated SAPFM members on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Once 40 confirmed registrations have been completed, a limited number of wait-list requests will be accepted. Once the pre-established wait-list capacity has been reached, registration and wait-list requests will be closed.
  3. Registration is only available on the SAPFM website using your SAPFM member id and password. No paper registration or payment process is supported.
  4. Only SAPFM members and optionally, their joint membership spouse/partner can register and attend the event, based on your membership expiration date being on or after April 30, 2017.
  5. The online SAPFM member directory will be used to validate membership, expiration date and Joint Member optional participation eligibility.
  6. Your membership data will be used to automatically fill-in the registration form; you will not need to fill in the personal information required for registration.
  7. In the case of a Joint Membership, you will have the option to either register only the primary member or both the primary member and the listed joint member. Registration will support the ability to register both attendees and pay for each individual fee for each attendee with a single registration transaction.
  8. If you currently have an Individual membership, but would like your non-member spouse/partner to attend, prior to registration day, you will need to use the SAPFM website Membership section to upgrade your membership by extending your current membership, changing it to a Joint membership, listing your spouse/partner as the joint member, and then register both of you for the event on registration day.
  9. Payment must be completed as part of the registration process using the PayPal link from within the SAPFM website, and payment must be made either using your PayPal account or your credit card option.
All members are encouraged to log on to the SAPFM website using their member id and password to ensure that their user id is active, their membership data is correct, and that their membership will not expire before April 30, 2017.
Cancellation requests must be made by sending an email request to the Registration Coordinator. Refunds, less processing fees will only be provided for requests that are submitted prior to 5:00PM EST, Friday, April 14th, 2017.
Should any cancellations occur, wait-listed members will be contacted in order of their wait-list request by the Registration Coordinator, and they will have 24 hours to confirm attendance and pay for their registration.
Be aware that the special event hotel rates and blocks of rooms allocated for the event will expire on March 27, 2017.