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Join SAPFM Today!

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 The following SAPFM membership types are available:

- Individual - All individuals who are current in payment of dues and who are not members of another classification. ($75 / year)

- Joint - Multiple individuals who are members of the same household. ($95 / year)

- Student - Individuals current in the payment of dues who are under the age of thirty (30) and attending full time an accredited educational institution of higher learning. ($25 / year)

- Institutional - Non-profit organizations. ($65 / year)

- Business - For-profit organizations. ($140 / year)

- Benefactor - A person that has made donations over a threshold specified by the Board of Directors ($125 / year).

NEW: "Auto-renewal" is available for all membership types and ensures that your membership never lapses.

  • Memberships with online payments will be automatically processed by PayPal a few days before expiration (Note: all financial information is held by PayPal, not SAPFM).
  • Memberships with offline payments will automatically receive a payment invoice email 15 days before membership expiration.
  • Auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time.
  • Memberships not on auto-renewal will receive annual renewal notices via email.

NOTE: Unfortunately, our membership software treats "auto-renew" memberships as a new type of membership, rather than as a renewal of your existing membership. This has two side effects:

1) The system may send you renewal reminder emails as your old/original (i.e., not auto-renew) membership expires. As long as you received a confirmation email after renewing your membership you can safely ignore these reminder emails.

2) Your "new" (auto-renew) membership will start on the date of renewal, rather than when your "old" (not auto-renew) membership expires. This error will be manually corrected in the database, usually within a day or two. If you notice that it has not been corrected please send an email to [email protected].

- Membership dues are paid annually. There is an additional $20 annual fee for members joining from outside the USA and Canada.

- The expiration date for all membership levels is one year from the date processed. Allow two weeks for processing of memberships sent via USPS. For early renewals, one year is added to the date your membership would have expired. There is no penalty for renewing after your membership has expired.  

- Members receive the American Period Furniture journal that is published in December of their membership year. Eligiblity for receiving the journal is based on your membrship on October 31.  If your membership is active on October 31, you will receive the annual American Period Furniture journal.  Those who are not members as of October 31 will not receive a journal for that year.

- Your privacy is important to us. SAPFM does NOT share your contact information with any advertisers or other organizations.

- Contact Membership Services with questions at [email protected].