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Fall 2007 Meeting Summary
« on: January 05, 2008, 10:08:13 AM »
Sorry this is coming late, I have been very busy.
The meeting was a tremendous success. We had 20 members in attendance.
Bruce Beck gave a report on the 2007 Mid-Summer Conference, and as usuall gave a thorough report.
Mike Holden discussed the construction of a spice box. He had photographed the process and gave a powerpoint presentation. Mike had also attended the Mid-Summer conference and had photograph the event. At the end of his presentation he gave every member a CD with the spice box presentation, the Mid-Summer Conference and photos from the Winterthur Museum. A special thanks to Mike for all his efforts.
After lunch Ed Stuckey and Dan Reahard demonstrated the carving of a Newport and Philadelphia Ball and Claw foot. Dan did the majority of the presentation. His carving skills are excellent, everybody appreciated his demonstration.
Carl Kowalski gave an excellent presentaion on marquetry. He covered the following topics: wood selection, tool selection, wood flattening, coloring wood, and double bevel technique.
On Sunday, John Fitzpatrick and Bill Vetter gave an excellent presentaion on cutting dovetails; through and half blind. John and Bill are relatively new to SAPFM and 18th century furniture so tackling this presentaion was much appreciated. The highlite was when Bill took out a hack saw to show that the least expensive saw can still cut a dovetail.
Finally Bill Rigstad and Jim Crammond demonstrated Steam Bending used in Windsor Chair construction. With the steamer in full use, Bill and Jim showed various methods for bending different types of wood. An excellent presentation which all the members enjoyed.
I would like to thank all the presentors for all their time and effort . Without their commitment our chapter could not suceed. We have a wealth of talent and knowledge which we are willing to share with each other. This make us more skillfull and advances the construction techiques of period furniture.

Ed Stuckey