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Color match walnut
« on: May 02, 2019, 04:20:16 PM »
I made some walnut strips to cover chipped veneer on my grandparent's bedroom set that I've had for 30 years (25 of which my wife has been asking me to do this!)  I also refinished the top after attempting to remove some burn marks. Some were in the shellac, but others where down into the very thick walnut veneer.

I had some gold dust shellac and some light color shellac that I used a year or so ago - both were still good after testing on glass, and I just mixed them for the top - looked great.  But I used it all up, and when I made the 1/4" thick walnut strips to put at the bottom of the sides, I mixed up some golden kusmi (?) I had.  Similar color to the top.  My problem is when I put the side strips against the side they are much redder than the very brown sides.  I really didn't notice this on the top as it is a different plane.

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting the reddish hue to be more brown not that I've built up the shellac finish?
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Re: Color match walnut
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Well, my personal preference is for red hue on walnut, so if it were me I'd be thinking of how best to add that hue to the rest of the sides.  But that's not what you asked (plus it's either a vintage or antique piece, so maybe that's not the right choice)...

Assuming you have more of the kusmi, I'd lay some on a sample board and then experiment with layering green dye on top to see how it pulls back on the red hue. Green cancels out red. Even better if you can use some of the same walnut for the sample board.