Author Topic: Nitric Acid and curly maple  (Read 3125 times)

Peter Storey Pentz

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Nitric Acid and curly maple
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:05:16 PM »
I have recently acquired a nice little late 18th C. maple Chippendale chest of drawers.  Its finish history is typical.  It started life mahoganized (traces remain on the interior), was stripped and refinished, and was placed in such a way as to severely sun fade it.  There is some curly figure in the top and drawer fronts that I would like to enhance, if possible.  The question I have is: How effective is nitric acid in "bringing up" the figure in curly maple?  I have been told various things in a generalized way about its use as a period finishing technique (it was called aqua fortis in the 18th C.) but I cannot find any specific, modern information on its use.    PSP 


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Re: Nitric Acid and curly maple
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I KNOW IT AGES PINE REAL NICE. APPLY with a brush&then heat it.