Author Topic: Peach State Participates in Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event  (Read 2294 times)

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Peach State Participates in Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event
« on: May 21, 2010, 07:04:27 AM »
During the weekend of May 7&8, Georgia Peach State SAPFM members participated in the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Kennesaw, GA at the Peach State Lumber (no affiliation with SAPFM).

SAPFM attendees included: Chris Schleier, Dale Bullock, Dave Cooker, Ken Kline, Marion Smith, Tim Thomas, Ken Johnson. 

We spoke with numerous people, and 4-5 serious inquiries that might be joining.

Demos included:  Ken Kline demonstrating hand-cut dovetail that were assembled with no dry fit testing, Tim Thomas was making molding with traditional rounds and hollows, Ken Johnson showed his technique for scratching reeding on a tapered table leg.  Chris Schleier pulled double duty, giving Windsor chair making demos in the Woodcraft booth adjacent to the SAPFM booth, while talking about traditional wood work and techniques for SAPFM visitors.

Photos of member work, a computer slide show of portfolios, sample
SAPFM Journal magazines were on display to give visitors a sampling of the type work and activities in SAPFM.

We want to acknowledge and thank all participants and Steve Quehl of Woodcraft for use of the workbench,  John Lamb of Peach State Lumber for all their support and for hosting the event, and Lie-Nielsen for allowing us to participate.