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Georgia?s Peach State Chapter of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers is having their fall event November 6 & 7, with an optional carving class November 7&8.

Both events will be held at the Roswell, GA location of Woodcraft on Holcomb Bridge road.

A detailed description of the SAPFM meeting and the optional carving class are enclosed and feature Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton for both events.

The SAPFM event is limited to current paid members of SAPFM ? no guest, but membership may be obtained at any time including day of event.

Both these events are open to ALL SAPFM members from any chapter.

The optional carving class featuring Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton will be offered to SAPFM members first then registration will be released for the general public.  This is not an exclusive SAPFM event, but we are given first opportunity to enroll.

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton have graciously agreed to do the SAPFM event for no charge for their time, simply covering their transportation and housing costs. 

We are providing them with a honorarium for the carving event, but it is modest relative to the time and quality of instruction we will receive.  I hope all will realize this is well below what this type class would cost in other environments.

Based on preliminary estimates for attendance of 20 people for the SAPFM event, the estimated participant cost would be $50 each.  The meeting facility is capable of holding 50 people and we would love to see that many attendees. 

The carving class is limited to 12 people and the cost for that will be $250.  If you are plan to attend this, you should contact our secretary Major Boone at  or Ken Johnson at to secure a slot in the class.  We will alert you when the deadline for early registration is ending and the method for making a deposit.

The tentative schedule for the two events is as follows:

Saturday November 6  - Woodcraft Roswell Location

8AM ? doors open

8-9AM ? Meet and greet, show and tell.  Bring a sample of your work for display and discussion.

9AM-Noon  -  Jeff and Steve will discuss the miniature highboy (which is applicable to the construction of a full sized highboy).

Noon-1PM ? Lunch (details on arrangements not yet resolved.  Probably have pizza or sandwiches brought in)

1-1:30PM  Show and tell, socialize and ask questions

1:30-5PM  Jeff and Steve continue

6:30 PM  Optional social gathering or dinner.

Sunday November 7 ? Woodcraft
9AM ? noon ? Jeff and Steve conclude their SAPFM presentation.

Optional Carving Class Agenda
For those attending the optional carving class, the schedule will be as follows:

November 7 

2PM-5PM  Jeff and Steve will conduct ball and claw craving instruction

Monday, November 8

9AM ? Noon ? class continues

Noon ? 1PM  - lunch

1:30-5PM  - Class continues and concludes