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Peach State SAPFM Organized
« on: April 01, 2010, 10:17:47 PM »
The Peach State SAPFM Chapter is glad to join the family of local SAPFM Chapters.

We have nearly 30 people in Georgia and hope to grow more.  And nearly as important, there is a large membership in TN and NC with members being within 4 hours driving distance of the Atlanta area.

The Peach State SAPFM will be participating in the upcoming hand tool event at the Peach State Lumber(no connection with SAPFM)  facilities in Kennesaw, GA.  Lie-Nielsen and others will be present demonstrating and showing hand tools.

The SAPFM booth will be used and members will be handing out brochures, answering questions and explaining benefits to belonging to SAPFM.

Information is available at

Plans are currently under way for the first meeting.

Stay tuned for more events



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Re: Peach State SAPFM Organized
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2010, 11:50:58 PM »
Welcome to you and your new chapter. I encourage you in your outreach at the L-N event.
Having done a few of these outreach type of things I would suggest that you demonstrate something or bring some furniture to display or both. This gives you more to talk about with the people visiting the show. Bring along a small bench and cut some dovetails or work on a project that you have going now at home. My experience has been if I bring nothing to do I just sit there and a few people will ask some questions, bring something to work on and you won't get much done because they will be very interested and pester you. If you have someone there with you they can talk while you work.  The key is to have something going on to draw people in, it doesn't have to be anything big, just an ice breaker.
Good luck,
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Re: Peach State SAPFM Organized
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2010, 11:04:18 PM »
Peach State Chapter is off to a fast start - Our organizational meeting was held at SAPFM member, Ken Johnson's, home on March 20 with 8 initial attendees.  It was Ken Johnson who lead the charge to contact us all to start the chapter, and we owe our deep gratitude to Ken for his initiative and efforts.  We now have a Secretary, Major Boone ( [email protected], or 770-578-7686) and a program committee consisting of 4 members.  This past weekend we had a small booth at the local Rockler store in Sandy Springs, and we will be a main attraction at the upcoming Lie-Neilson Tool Event being held at Peach State Lumber in Kennesaw on May 7-8.  We have already done a preliminary survey of the chapter member interests, and will be arranging to have master teachers come down regularly to further our "education".  To that end, we already have a commitment from Jeff and Steve of Mack Headley and Sons fame to come down for a three day event in early November, and we are currently negotiating with Mary May for a summer event weekend on basic carving techniques - more on these as the details are known.
 As secretary for Peach State I've started a newsletter which also includes the neighboring states's SAPFM chapter secretaries, and we are currently trying to add other SAPFM members in neighboring states - we're just finding a lot of email addresses are out of date.  We'll eventually run you down, but be proactive and send me your address if you're interested in receiving our newsletter, our tool "Swap Shop" feature, automatic notification of upcoming events, and local member's shop visits  to look over the shoulders of our peers to polish or learn a new technique.