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Great Lake Chapter Fall 2006 Summary
« on: November 24, 2006, 04:31:41 PM »
Great Lakes Chapter Fall 2006

We had another great meeting. All the presentations were informative and well presented.
There were about 18 members in attendance.

Saturday Nov. 4
1. Bruce Beck gave a summary report on the Mid Summer conference.
2. Dan Reahard showed how to do line and berry inlays as well as other types of inlays. Dan brought in a Demi-Lune table he is currently working on.
3. Ed Stuckey gave a 4-hour presentation on vacuum veneering, hammer veneering, sand shading, and making banding. Ed demonstrated how to make a sunburst pattern and then how to press it.
4. Saturday night we attended a social dinner at the Bennigan's restaurant in Plymouth. A great time was had by all.

Sunday Nov. 5

5. Jim Crammond demonstrated how to make inlays. He showed how to make scraper stock and then showed the process of setting the inlay.
6. Steve Lash, has recently finished a 17th century English Ombre (gaming table.)   Steve gave a power point presentation of the entire construction of the table.
7. Marv Vandermeer, a Mahogany dealer from Toronto, Canada stopped in to inform us of his lumber business. He has Honduras Mahogany plantations in Haiti. He also has Cuban Mahogany for sale to SAPFM members. Marv is a current SAPFM member. He left some samples and I have been carving, hand planning and machine planning. It is very dense and wonderful to work with.
8. John Goyer brought a quilt rack that he had constructed. He showed how he made the spiral columns. Thanks John.

I would like to thank all the presenters for such a great job they did. We have very talented people in the SAPFM and it is appreciated that they are willing to share their knowledge.

I have attached some pictures taken at the meeting. Thanks to Bill Vetter for taking the pictures.

Ed Stuckey