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  In Recognition Of
  D E D I C AT I O N , C A R E , S U P P O R T, A N D G E N E R O S I T Y
The Jon McAlister Educational Endowment Fund
John McAlister approached me in 2013 to encourage SAPFM to consider establishing an educational fund.
He mentioned that his family’s trust might be willing to contribute to that effort.
We were successful, and that money is now in a certificate of deposit until we are fully funded. We are still in need of additional funds before we can seed the money in an endowment investment.
Only the earnings from the fund will be used to sponsor or assist students so that the principal will continue to grow and provide assistance to others in the future.
In this way, the fund provides a living legacy to those who contribute.
John has been a strong supporter of SAPFM from the very beginning. He was among the first group of people who helped create SAPFM.
John is the second winner of our Cartouche Lifetime Achievement Award.
He has tirelessly helped others through his years at SAPFM.
Jeffery Greene gives special thanks to John for his inspiration and encouragement in his book American Furniture of the 18th Century.  
When John first became involved with woodworking, there was no Internet, there were no books on furniture making, and there were no plans available.
He visited museums and bought museum books and catalogs.
Story has it John sponsored an intern at a museum so that he could get the student to take measurements from a piece he wanted to build.
Through the years, he
has developed his own plans based on information he could glean from museum exhibits.
John’s plans are on our member section of the website. He has shared plans of his furniture and then tirelessly answered questions from those using those plans. He has other plans he has donated to SAPFM to be provided to all in the woodworking community at no charge, and we are working on ways to make that possible.
There is not another
member of SAPFM who
is more dedicated, caring,
and supportive than
John McAlister. He is a true southern gentleman and one-of-a-kind.
Those of us who know
him personally are grateful for that experience.
And those who have benefited
from his knowledge and experience in
furniture making are forever indebted to him.
For those who did not know John
personally, you too have benefited directly
or indirectly as a result of his contributions
It is my privilege and honor to tell
you that the Executive Council has
unanimously decided to name our education
fund “The John McAlister Educational
Endowment Fund” in honor of
John’s commitment to furthering the
knowledge of furniture making and for
his continued support of SAPFM.
John, thank you for all you have
done for SAPFM. We are forever indebted
to you. —KJ
“...the Executive Council has unanimously
decided to name our education fund
“The John McAlister Educational Endowment Fund...”
Those wishing to learn more about how 
to contribute to the John McAlister Educational Endowment fund can  contact any member of  the Executive Council.