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David Coker

Woodworking Background
As many boys my age, I started my woodworking knowledge with a shop class in high school. My teacher's hobby and passion was horticulture, therefore much of our shop time was unfortunately taken up planting shrubs around the high school campus. My most notable gain from shop class was that a wide board could be obtained by gluing narrower boards together.
For many years I was self-taught by trial and error through reading tool catalogs, Fine Woodworking magazine, and classes at Highland Hardware. Real growth began when I joined SAPFM and was introduced to fellow woodworkers and professionals who freely shared their knowledge. Classes from the masters like Al Breed, Mickey Callahan, Ronnie Young and many others at SAPFM greatly expanded my abilities.
Professional Career
I spent my working career in Accounting. First in Public Accounting followed by a stint in the construction Industry and finally a return to Public Accounting. My formal education includes a Bachelors degree from the University of Georgia in Accounting and a Masters degree from Georgia State in Tax. As a CPA, CFO in industry, and a Tax professional during my work career, I have acquired skills that could be used to help any organization.
Skills to benefit SAPFM
As a board member of SAPFM, I feel that my business background would be where I could add the most value. In areas of setting budgets, proper accounting and reporting of financial, anticipating future growth need , etc.. Possible assisting in the organization of new chapters or helping promote existing chapters.

Daniel W. Santos, P.E.

Woodworking Background
 I have been a passionate woodworker, period furniture builder, and student of American period furniture for more than thirty-five years. I am for the most part self taught and have attended numerous workshops and classes over the past ten or 15 years in order to pick up or improve a particular skill. I have lectured on furniture making and antiques, including at the Nantucket Historical Society and Winterthur, where I gave the Filetti lecture and demonstration in 2010. I made a windsor chair and display elements for the Harbor and Home exhibit at Winterthur and have been acknowledged for my technical assistance in the books "Harbor and Home" by Brock Jobe, Gary Sullivan, and Jack O'Brien; and "The Furniture of John Shearer" by Betsy Davison.
Professional Career
I am a registered Professional Civil Engineer and currently serve as the Director of Public Works in Barnstable (Cape Cod), Massachusetts where I manage a work force of 140 men and women and an annual operating and capital budget of $30 million. My career has been broad and varied, providing me a sold understanding of the operation of military, private business and government organizations. After college I served as a U.S. Naval officer for 5 years on active duty, including a stint as the Officer in Charge of a Construction Battalion Unit, commonly known as Seabees. I worked for the federal government as project manager for the largest Superfund site in New England. I was a partner and CEO of an environmental consulting company for eight years.
After retiring from the consulting business in 2002, I worked as a full-time furnituremaker for nine years, until one of life’s frequent twists and turns landed me back in the work force in 2011.
Skills to benefit SAPFM

I have been a member of SAPFM in good standing since the beginning of the organization.

I believe my unique combination of skills and experience will enable me to participate as a valuable member of the SAPFM Board of Directors.  I have direct board experience that will benefit my involvement as a Board member of SAPFM. I served on the Barnstable Municipal Airport Commission, where I spent four years as Chairman.

I recently wrapped up nine years as a Trustee of Sturgis Library, the oldest library building in the United States, where I was Vice President and Chairman of the Building Committee.

Tom Sears

Woodworking Background
My personal mission was/is to be a contributing member of the Board and, specifically, to use my extensive museum/collecting experience to help members be exposed to as much “period furniture” as possible and thus have more “education” which should assist them in their quest to replicate the furniture of their dreams.
Professional Career
I have been primarily responsible for organizing the 2012 midyear in Old Salem/MESDA and the 2014 midyear at East Tennessee History Center in Knoxville Tn.  I am currently organizing the 2017 Midyear which will return to Old Salem/MESDA June 22-26, 2017.
Skills to benefit SAPFM
I have previously stated that I am willing to submit my name and my 5 plus years of experience for reelection to the Board of Directors.
I would be honored to serve a 3rd term on the Board of Directors of SAPFM.

Rolly Rhodes

Woodworking Background

Rolly knew he loved period furniture when he was 12 years old.  But it wasn’t until he was 50 did he find other likeminded men and women who shared the same passion.  SAPFM has filled an important role in his development as a period furniture maker. 

Being on the west coast limits the access to great works of art and craftsman of period furniture.  It is his desire to share and expand as much of the SAPFM experience – it’s resources, connections to curators, museums, historians, and the expertise of SAPFM members to parts out west and other regions of the country that do not have these same resources “in their backyard”.

Rolly wants to improve and encourage the use of the Forum and Gallery.  As he says, “The Forum connected me to expertise I did not have – learning from professionals and amateurs that have “been there – done that”, and the Gallery inspired me to get in the shop to take on skill-stretching projects”.   

Professional Career

Rolly spent 34 years in the insurance industry.  Immediately after college he accepted a position with Crawford and Company as a property claims adjuster, but after 3 years he concluded he was built for sales. 

What began as a one-man operation in 1984 is now staffed with 24 well trained professionals providing insurance products and services to commercial and personal risks in Bakersfield California. 

For over ten years he lead a leadership training class at the local high school teaching leadership skills and ethics to high school leaders on campus.  He currently serves as finance chairman on the Central California Nazarene District responsible for 94 churches located in the Southern San Joaquin Valley.  His leadership and negotiating skills along with ability to work with others to accomplish great things have well suited him for serving in these roles.

Outside of that, his love of period furniture fuels a passion to see the craft appreciated and expanded.  

Rolly and his bride Claudia of 38 years, have raised two children who are married and have provided four wonderful grandchildren.  When not working or building a piece of furniture his hours are spent with family, hunting, fly fishing and taking road trips to satisfy his wonder lust. 

Skills to benefit SAPFM
His business connections and personal commitment to his community, church, local schools and non-profit organizations has compelled him to serve on many boards and service projects through the years.  He recently stepped aside as chairman of the Kern High School Bond Oversight Committee responsible for the oversight and compliance of the district’s $220,000,000 bond issued to build new schools in the district.