We regret to inform you of the death of Homer Leon Tew Jr.

Leon and his wife, Theresa, were identified as two of the victims of the 53 car pileup on I-96 near the Livingston-Ingham MI county line  this past week.

Leon was an active member of the Great Lakes Chapter and was working with Ed Stuckey to organize the Chapter's  annual Detroit Institute of Arts event.

Please keep his family in your thoughts. Funeral information is listed for those who wish to pay their respects.

JMcalisterSAPFM has lost a great friend in John McAlister.   John passed away this morning.  The details of the arrangements are not finalized, but the family wanted us to know and to pass the word.

John was our second Cartouche Award Recipient in 2001 and a long time supporter and friend to many of us in SAPFM.  He was a gentleman and loved SAPFM.  He came to me in 2013 and expressed an interest in helping establish a educational fund.  His family foundation provided our initial funds for our educational fund, which was later named in honor of John.

He spoke to me often about the Telfair Exhibit which was held in Savannah, Georgia, in 2006.  He asked several times would SAPFM ever produce an exhibit book similar to what was done for the Connecticut Historical Society joint display with SAPFM in 2012.

With the help of Mark Arnold and Steve Lash, I recently was able to produce a photo book based on the article written by Mark Arnold for the SAPFM American Period Furniture Journal in 2006.  When I sent it to John, he was very appreciative.  His daughter told me he kept it by his chair and admired it often.  I know for a fact he bragged about the book to some of his other SAPFM friends every chance he could.

Just a few weeks ago he asked me to order additional copies that he could give to his children.  That was the last time I spoke to John.  Even though he was clearly weak, he seemed to be in good spirits.

I am grateful to have known John.  I am a better person for knowing him and will miss him and his enthusiasm for furniture making, SAPFM, and life.

A more comprehensive tribute will be written about John at a later time.  Details of the funeral arrangements are tentatively planned for next Friday morning, May 27.

Ken Johnson

SAPFM Vice President

DilekBarlosDilek Barlas died Christmas Eve as a result of a heart attack. He was 65.

Dilek spent his work-days as an engineer and semiconductor entrepreneur, but his passion off-hours was woodworking. He did a program at North Bennett St. School, and took multiple courses with Phil Lowe, Al Breed and Mary May. He was particularly interested in carving.
His home was full of beautiful, hand-made items including a Queen-Anne dining set with chairs, period sideboards, a reproduction Townsend document chest, and many other items.
New England Chapter members will remember him as someone who was always friendly and always willing to share his ample woodworking expertise.
He is survived by his son, Nuri, who teaches and coaches in Bedford, MA. His mother, Melahat, and sister, Mine, and her family in Istanbul, Turkey

On Nov. 18 2014, Chesapeake Chapter member Jamie Bacon passed away. He had been battling cancer for some time.

Please take the time to look at his blog, Plane Shavings, and his Twitter posts-- @Plane_Shavings.

Jay Gaynor, Director of Historic Trades at Colonial Williamsburg since 2001, died suddenly on July 31, 2014.

In 1999, it was Jay  who encouraged Steve Lash and Mickey Callahan to pursue the creation of SAPFM.  The "Working Wood" symposium will never be the same now that he is gone.

~ SAPFM Executive Council