SAPFM is an all-volunteer organization with an elected board. Current board members are listed below and may be emailed by clicking on the name of each.  The last year of each board member's current term is indicated to the far right of the name. 

Dave RedlinPresident, Outreach Committee, Educational Grants Committee 2021
Dale Ausherman, Immediate Past President 2020
David CokerTreasurer; Finance Committee, Membership Director 2021
Joel GoodwinSecretary, Outreach Committee; Chapter Support Committee, Website Committee 2021
Tom Sears,Major Events Committee, Development Committee 2019
Rolly Rhodes, Chapter Support Committee 2019
Scott Wetter, Major Events Committee 2019
Charlie Driggs, Development Committee 2020
Greg Pilotti, Social Media, Website Committee, Development Committee 2020
Sam Rhodes, Major Events Committee, Outreach Committee 2021


SAPFM Committees


David Coker (Treasurer), Dick Reese, Jim Shapiro

Cartouche Award Selection

Ken Johnson, Steve Latta, Al BreedGregory John LandreyAlf SharpGary SullivanDavid deMuzio, Ronald Young, Ben Colman, Jeffrey Roberts

Major Events

Sam Rhodes (Head), Scott Wetter, Dan Santos, Tom Sears, Bob Mustain, Bob Van Dyke

Editorial Board

Ron Young (Head), Alf Sharpe, Jeff Saylor, Jim Tice, Steve Dietrich, Gerald Lauchle, John Rowe, Mickey Callahan

Educational Grants

Greg Pilotti (Head), Jim Altemus, Tom Densmore, John Fitzpatrick, Dave Redlin, Jeffrey Saylor


 Jim Shapiro (Head), Charlie Driggs, Tom Sears

Solicitation Registration Committee

 Andy Boro (Head), Oscar Wells


John Rowe (Head), Joel Goodwin, Roger Hall, Sam Rhodes, David Hickson, William Duffield, Bob Compton, Dave Redlin 

Chapter Support

Rolly Rhodes (Head), Joel Goodwin, John Fitzpatrick, David Conley


Jim Crammond (Head), Mike Holden, Ken Johnson, Herb Kettler, Jeff Saylor, Jim Shapiro

Web Site

Keith Doney (Website Administrator), Gabe Smith, Joel Goodwin, Dave Guenard, Greg Pilotti, Ken Johnson

Social Media

Greg Pilotti

Mid-year Conferences Registrar

To be determined

Cartouche Banquet Registrar

Bruce Bogus

Winterthur-SAPFM Event Registrar

 To be determined

SAPFM Business Office

David Coker, Membership Services
Robert Lang, Pins & Tails Newsletter Editor
Julian Peters,  Media Art Director
Roger Hall, Colonial Williamsburg local representative
Robert Lang, Editor of American Period Furniture Magazine