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The SAPFM journal, American Period Furniture, is typically delivered sometime between late in the calendar year and early the following year.  We have reviewed the publication schedule and can now ensure that it comes out before the Holidays each year. Doing so will solve a number of issues including allowing members to enjoy having the Journal to read over the holidays.  In concert with this change, we are revising the date at which members must be active (dues paid up) in order to receive it.

Prior to this year a copy of the journal was mailed to all SAPFM members who were active on December 31st of the year of publication.  For 2016 and beyond this will be changed to members who are active (dues paid up) as of October 31st of the year of publication.  In order to enable mailing the journal by the second week of December we have to prepare a mailing list early in November.  Prior to this change we required either guesswork in November as to who will have paid up by year’s end and/or a second and more expensive mailing to account for membership renewals which would come in after early November and before December 31st.  This change will eliminate these costly complexities.  With this change, all members continue to receive a journal mailing for each year of membership.

So that members do not miss receipt of a journal, it is important that each member ensure that their membership is current as of October 31st.  While we make every effort to notify members when their membership is about to expire those efforts are not always successful. You can log into the member area of at any time to see your date of renewal. If for any reason your membership has lapsed on or before October 31st, you will not get a journal for that year. Those who join on or after November 1st, will not receive their journal until the next edition is mailed.


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The meeting was held in the auditorium of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum 326 West Francis Street Williamsburg, VA on January 21 2016,  2 - 4 pm.


  1. Approval of New Bylaws
  2. New Chapter Support Committee
  3. New Nominations Committee
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Highlights from Board Meeting
  6. 2016 Midyear Plans
  7. Call for Volunteers

The SAPFM Executive Council (Board of Directors) prepared revisions to our existing by-laws. Working with our legal advisers, we have attempted to clarify and codify the SAPFM by-laws to be consistent with best practices and our historical procedures.

The proposed updates to the by-laws can be found here.

Members were asked to ratify these changes at the annual members meeting being held on January 21, 2016 in Williamsburg, VA.

Current SAPFM members may select up to four candidates for office of Executive Council . The four candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected for three year terms running from January 2016 to December 2019.

The four candidates seeking election were  Joel Goodwin, Roger Hall, Dave Redlin, and Jim Shapiro.

Voting instructions and the candidate’s personal  statements can be found here

Voting commenced Sunday, November 15 and closed on Tuesday, December 15.