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SAPFM will hold its annual Members Meeting on January 25, 2018.

In mid-August, members received an email from the Nominating Committee, recruiting additional candidates to stand for election to the Board for three year terms starting 1 January 2018.  October 1 brought the close of the period to declare candidacy. Due to the hard work of the Committee (Jim Crammond (Chair), Ken Johnson, Herb Kettler, Jeff Saylor and Jim Shapiro), and the generosity and SAPFM passion of the candidates, we have four members volunteering to stand for election to three-year terms on the Board - Dale Ausherman, Charlie Driggs, Michael Holden, and Greg Pilotti.

We also now have four Board vacancies to fill, three Board members whose current terms are expiring (Dale Ausherman, Ken Johnson, and Jim Thompson), and a new vacancy created by the 1 October resignation of Jim Shapiro from the Board. By stepping off the board one year before the end of his term, Jim intentionally creates room on the 10 person Board for all three excellent new candidates, while preserving the potential for Dale to continue as President for another year, should the Board so choose. Jim has every intention of continuing his volunteerism and will continue with the work he is doing for SAPFM, including authoring of Pins and Tales Board Happenings reports, fundraising planning, and serving on the Nominating Committee. We thank Jim for his flexibility in helping SAPFM gain noteworthy volunteers, and for his five years of service on the Board.

Our Bylaws stipulate that In the event the number of Board election candidates equals the number of impending vacancies on the Board, the candidates shall be considered as having been elected to the Board, and the membership shall be so notified. We are therefore pleased to announce that Dale Ausherman, Charlie Driggs, Michael Holden, and Greg Pilotti are hereby elected to three-year terms on the SAFPM Board of Directors, with terms commencing 1 January 2018. Please join us in welcoming these talented members to the Board.

Our tireless president, Dale Ausherman, has been working to define a list of duties required for the executive function at SAPFM.  In order to create more seamless succession and distribute duties more formally among board members, Dale has led the process of defining all the duties of the president, and then parsing them among three people- the president, the vice president and the immediate past president.  Part of the idea here is to create a succession path that smooths out the work flow, and concentrates less of it on the current president.  As always, in the process of defining all the work that needs to be done, he has identified opportunities for streamlining and possible outsourcing of some workflow.

Our goal will be to preserve dues for operations (publications, web site services, membership services, etc.) while continuing to grow our educational grant making effort.  
There are some fantastic success stories among our grantees, and we would very much like to provide more students with the ability to complete training in period furniture.  We find two things: first that without outside help, many cannot engage in full time study in this field, and second, those we support pay us back many times over with new information resources that furthers our mission of period furniture education- a virtuous cycle!