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Category: Tables
Maker: Lauchle, Jerry
Contact: Penn State Professor Emeritus
1257 Longfellow Lane
State College, PA 16803
Land: (814) 237-7535
Cell: (814) 404-6955
Email: Website:
Dimensions: 29.25" W x 17.75" D x 26.75" H
Description: Tea Table

Primary Wood: Peruvian Mahogany

This Newport tea table was based on Alan Breed's drawings of the John Goddard original. Because of the intended location for this table, I had to reduce its width and depth by 10%. The leg design and length remained as drawn by Breed.

The top was not made from a solid board, as was the case with the original. I elected to use the technique suggested to me by the late John McAlister: apply the top molding to a veneered piece of 1/4" plywood. Nevertheless, the molding still required a great deal of hand carving.

The finish is Minwax red mahogany stain followed by Constantine's red mahogany paste wood filler. I then sprayed the table with nitrocellulose lacquer sanding sealer, followed by six coats of nitrocellulose satin lacquer. The final rubout of the finish was with 600 grit wet/dry paper lubricated with turpentine, and then paste wax applied with 0000 steel wool.