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Category: Desks and Bookcases
Maker: Young, Ronald
Description:The Patton Secretary Desk

This early Tennessee secretary desk is a reproduction of the original that resides in the furniture collection of the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. I was given access by the museum curator and allowed to make a measured drawing and photographs of the original to insure an accurate reproduction.

Made in the Knoxville, TN area around 1810, it has all the hallmarks of early Tennessee furniture and should be familiar to those that attended the 2015 SAPFM Mid-year in Knoxville and heard the lectures on “West Country” furniture styles.

Primary wood is cherry with poplar as a secondary wood. Inlays are burl walnut, maple, black dyed walnut, and holly.

The outstanding feature is the use of sapwood in the upper doors to give the impression of drapery.

The brass drawer pulls came from Horton Brass and are an almost exact match to the originals. The interior gallery of the desk contains several hidden drawers.