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Winter 2016 issue

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This winter issue has a lot to it- A treatise on wing chairs by Mike Mascelli, a rundown on the Winterthur Library by Dale Ausherman and an introduction to Jeff Roberts, our 2017 Cartouche Award recipient to name just a few.
Once again we are proud to put forth our latest effort- I should say- YOUR latest effort. We were really pleased at the amount of input we received this time around- ten chapter reports- with photos! Not bad! Thank you all. 
You might notice a lot of references to the “Art & Industry in Early America, Rhode Island Furni¬ture, 1650-1830” exhibition at Yale University Art Gallery. What can I say? It is a superb show which will be closing within the week (January 8)- so I would suggest dropping what you are doing and getting over there before you miss out on one of the best exhibitions I have seen in quite some time.
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year.


Bob Van Dyke


Pins & Tales