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Summer 2017 issue

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Putting out this eMagazine four times a year is always a bit challenging- but it is rewarding also- especially after coming back from such a great Midyear at MESDA!
It is worth sending out P & T a little bit late if it lets us report on the Midyear and what a great time everyone had. I have to say- Mesda and Old Salem just blew me away. I could not get over how nice a place it was and how friendly the people were- even to a “Northerner” like me!
I hope you enjoy this issue of P & T. We are featuring the first installment of a plane making series by Dan Schwank along with a report on the highly successful Winterthur/ Sapfm “Furniture Forum held last April. Hopefully this will become a regular occurrence. Mike Mascelli has a unique and scholarly view on how London fashions came to the American colonies and advertising via the “trade card”. His writing is always great and it is a fascinating subject.
Once again, I want to thank the team for working together to produce this e-magazine. I know how hard it is and I hope you- the readers – find it worthwhile.


Bob Van Dyke


Pins & Tales