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2017 SAPFM Annual Meeting of Members

The Annual Meeting will be held on 2 - 4 pm Thursday, February 2, 2017, in the auditorium of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.

Tentative list of topics to be discussed:

  • Reports from key committees
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Highlights from 1 February Board meeting
  • Midyear plans for MESDA/Old Salem
  • Call for volunteers

Please also plan to attend the Cartouche Banquet on Friday, 3 February at the Williamsburg Lodge.


Status of SAPFM 2016 Board of Director Elections

In mid-September, all SAPFM members received an email announcing the upcoming annual election of Board members. At that time there were four candidates vying for the 3 open positions. October 1 brought the close of the period to declare candidacy, with no additional candidates arising.  Events since that time changed the situation.

Appointment of New Board Member:

On 30 September current Board member Roger Hall submitted his resignation from the Board, primarily because of some family health issues. With regret, but with great appreciation for his services to SAPFM, the President accepted the resignation.  SAPFM and the President greatly appreciate the services Roger has provided to SAPFM, both before his appointment to the Board, and during his official Board service.  He has been instrumental in getting legal and CPA representation in the Williamsburg area, as an interface to Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and as a critical contributor to getting our financial house in order. We have also benefitted from his sage advice on many issues. 

Fortunately, Roger has volunteered to continue in the local Williamsburg interfaces when face-face meetings or other exchanges are needed, and the President, for one, will continue to seek his treasured advice. Last but not least, his home and period furniture craftsmanship continue to be an inspiration in our mission of education in the making and appreciation of period furniture.

Due to Roger’s resignation our Bylaws enabled the President to immediately appoint, with unanimous Board concurrence, David Coker to be a Board member, effective 5 October. David was one of the four candidates standing for election to the Board. As is clear from his candidate statement, David has the professional experience to become a major contributor to management of SAPFM financial resources. Please join the President in welcoming David to the Board, and thanking him for his willingness to contribute significant effort to the future success of SAPFM.

Election Impact – Remaining Three Candidates Hereby Elected to the Board:

David’s appointment to the Board resulted in three remaining candidates for the three open Board positions. Our revised Bylaws, approved at the January 2016 Meeting of Members, state that in the event that the number of candidates equals the number of impending vacancies on the Board, the candidates shall be considered as having been elected to the Board. We will therefore not expend the resources required to conduct an actual vote. 

Thus it is the President's pleasure to announce that Rolly Rhodes, Dan Santos, and Tom Sears are hereby elected to the Board. Rolly and Dan are new members, while Tom is entering his third three-year term on the Board. Please join the President in welcoming these generous professionals and craftsmen to our Board, and special thanks to Tom for his continuing service, including his high esteem in the museum world which results in wonderful Midyear opportunities for SAPFM members.The candidate statements of all four new Board members can be found here, so that you can absorb the offered talent and commitment of the new members.

A special note on the Nominating Committee:

This was the first year our nominating committee was in full swing and we are gratified by the result.  We set out to identify a full slate of candidates to stand for election to replace retiring members of the board.  We were able to do so, including a candidate to replace Roger Hall, who needed to resign for personal reasons and leaves some very large shoes to fill.

The committee consisted of Ken Johnson (chairman), Rod Bankes, Jim Crammond, Herb Kettler, Jeff Saylor, and Jim Shapiro (board member).   The first order of business was to develop a job description and begin the process of finding candidates. The committee developed a write up explaining the roles, responsibilities and time estimates for participation.  It proved helpful to those interested to have a clear and concise explanation in one document.

The committee used word of mouth, personal networking, email blasts, web postings, and announcements at the annual and mid-year events as tools to identify possible candidates.  The committee and its members spoke with numerous people who wanted to learn more about how they could help and serve SAPFM.

The efforts of advertising for candidates resulted in several people stepping forward to fill the board's needs who we had not been able to identify via the personal outreach methods above, but rather in response to our appeals through email and web.   We also had several others who wanted to learn more about the board responsibilities and are considering possible future service in this area and maybe even board membership.  The most important lesson from this process is that we will likely never identify all qualified candidates through our own connections and contacts, so we encourage everyone who might want to serve in this way to let us know, even if you have not been contacted directly. 

For the first year and for reasons of timing, a board member was the chairman.  It is part of our charter to have non-board members, either current or past, serve as the chairman.  We want general membership involvement and leadership.

For 2017 Jim Crammond will serve as the chairman of the nominating committee.  Ken Johnson will serve as an ad hoc adviser to the committee.

We encourage all our members to help the committee with finding candidates next year.  You probably know people in your local group or even nationally that might be good board members.  After the first of the year, the nominating committee will begin advertising for the skills and experience they are seeking for next year’s election.

SAPFM continues to grow.  As part of that growth it is important to find and encourage members who can help in the leadership of the organization.  We believe the nominating committee helped with that effort this year, but it can only continue to do so with your active and thoughtful input.

Candidate Statements:


2016 Call for Nominations

SAPFM will hold an election for three representatives on the Board of Directors(Board) this year. The election will be held electronically via a web site, from October 15 - November 1. Candidates must submit their biographical information electronically to by 5PM EST October 1.

As SAPFM has grown, its requirements for skills possessed by Board members have evolved. First and foremost we are an educational organization dedicated to period furniture. So the need for a strong interest in that subject has not changed. We also continue to need Board representation of accomplished makers of period furniture including professionals.  While that was originally the main skill needed, we now have additional needs for more managerial, operational, marketing, fund raising and board experience and skills.  This is of course is not an exhaustive list, and many other abilities will no doubt enhance the Board's effectiveness.

Serving on the board is a great way to meet and collaborate with others who want to make SAPFM as good as it can be.  You’ll gain satisfaction from helping preserve the art and skills we are all interested in, and make good friends in the process!

SAPFM is primarily a member-run organization. While we recognize the importance of outside experts to ensure we are compliant with regulations, we want the diversity of managerial and business execution skills in our own governing body to allow SAPFM to thrive.

To date most of our personal statements submitted by members seeking election to the Board have been our journey to and within period furniture making. While this is helpful, we’d like to ask that personal statements also emphasize business and other relevant skills and experience that candidates can bring to the Board to help make SAPFM successful.

This past year SAPFM established a Nominating Committee to help in the identification, recruitment and  vetting of possible Board candidates.  That committee is actively seeking candidates at this time.  The Committee welcomes all SAPFM members in good standing to submit their information for election.  The Nominating Committee will provide a list of candidates for membership consideration on September 20 that will be sent via email.  If you would like to ask questions, submit your name for consideration or nominate others, please contact the Nominating Committee at Of course, any member in good standing wishing to stand for election may do so regardless if they have submitted their information to the Nominating Committee or of their skills or experience.

SAPFM is your organization. We hope you will consider ways you can be of service by committing time and sharing your expertise.

Ken Johnson

Chair, Nominating Committee

SAPFM Vice President


Change in Member-in-Good-Standing Date for Receipt of APF

The SAPFM journal, American Period Furniture, is typically delivered sometime between late in the calendar year and early the following year.  We have reviewed the publication schedule and can now ensure that it comes out before the Holidays each year. Doing so will solve a number of issues including allowing members to enjoy having the Journal to read over the holidays.  In concert with this change, we are revising the date at which members must be active (dues paid up) in order to receive it.

Prior to this year a copy of the journal was mailed to all SAPFM members who were active on December 31st of the year of publication.  For 2016 and beyond this will be changed to members who are active (dues paid up) as of October 31st of the year of publication.  In order to enable mailing the journal by the second week of December we have to prepare a mailing list early in November.  Prior to this change we required either guesswork in November as to who will have paid up by year’s end and/or a second and more expensive mailing to account for membership renewals which would come in after early November and before December 31st.  This change will eliminate these costly complexities.  With this change, all members continue to receive a journal mailing for each year of membership.

So that members do not miss receipt of a journal, it is important that each member ensure that their membership is current as of October 31st.  While we make every effort to notify members when their membership is about to expire those efforts are not always successful. You can log into the member area of at any time to see your date of renewal. If for any reason your membership has lapsed on or before October 31st, you will not get a journal for that year. Those who join on or after November 1st, will not receive their journal until the next edition is mailed.


2016 EC Meeting




2016 SAPFM Annual Members Meeting

The meeting was held in the auditorium of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum 326 West Francis Street Williamsburg, VA on January 21 2016,  2 - 4 pm.


  • Approval of New Bylaws
  • New Chapter Support Committee
  • New Nominations Committee
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Highlights from Board Meeting
  • 2016 Midyear Plans
  • Call for Volunteers

By-law Changes Presented at the 2016 Members Meeting

The SAPFM Executive Council (Board of Directors) prepared revisions to our existing by-laws. Working with our legal advisers, we have attempted to clarify and codify the SAPFM by-laws to be consistent with best practices and our historical procedures.
The proposed updates to the by-laws can be found here.
Members were asked to ratify these changes at the annual members meeting being held on January 21, 2016 in Williamsburg, VA.

SAPFM EC Election Closes December 15

Current SAPFM members may select up to four candidates for office of Executive Council . The four candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected for three year terms running from January 2016 to December 2019.

The four candidates seeking election were  Joel Goodwin, Roger Hall, Dave Redlin, and Jim Shapiro.

Voting instructions and the candidate’s personal  statements can be found here

Voting commenced Sunday, November 15 and closed on Tuesday, December 15. 



Call for Nominations for the SAPFM Executive Council

SAPFM will hold an election for four seats on the Executive Council (EC) this year. The election will be held online November 15 - December 15, 2015. Candidates must submit their biographical information to by October 15, 2015.  Any member in good standing wishing to stand for election may do so, regardless of their skills or experience.
First and foremost, SAPFM is an educational organization dedicated to period furniture; the need for a strong interest in that subject has not changed. We also continue to need representation of accomplished makers of period furniture on the EC.  However, we now have additional needs for managerial, operational, marketing, fund raising and board experience skills.
While we recognize the importance of outside experts to ensure we are compliant with regulations, we want the diversity of managerial and business execution skills in our own governing body to allow SAPFM to thrive.  Therefore, candidate statements should emphasize business and other relevant skills and experience that candidates can bring to the EC to help make SAPFM successful.

2016 SAPFM Cartouche Award

It's time to submit your nominations for the 2016 SAPFM Cartouche Award. The deadline for submission of completed applications is September 1, 2015.

The guidelines have been updated to clarify information needed in the various sections of the application, the number of photographs, size of photographs, and the number of pages submitted.

Good luck to all applicants!


Richard B. Reese Joins SAPFM EC

Alyce Englund has resigned from the SAPFM EC board, due to the time constraints imposed by her appointment to a new position at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art.  

The SAPFM President, with unanimous support from the EC, has appointed Richard B. Reese of Centerville, OH to fulfill the remainder of her term.

After a 35-year career, Dick retired in 1995 from his position as Senior Vice President of Corporate Customer Services at National Cash Register (NCR).  He is a major presence in the Dayton area woodworking community, energetically supports the Ohio River Valley chapter, and is an extraordinary builder of period furniture.

Please join the President and the EC in thanking Dick for his generous efforts to help ensure a great future for SAPFM.

Alyce Englund New Position at the Met


Former EC board member Alyce Perry Englund, Richard Koopman Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, has accepted in new position as Assistant Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

During her tenure at the Wadsworth, she was involved in securing a number of important aquisitions, including the Bingham secretary,  the Howard fall-front desk, and the Stephen Gray Arts and Crafts Collection.  She was also involved in the museum's storage renovation project and the reinstallation of the museum's American decorative art galleries.

Please join the President and the EC in thanking Alyce for her work on the EC, and wishing her well in her new endeavor.


2015 SAPFM Executive Council (EC) Election Results

Those elected, in alphabetical order are:
  • Dale Ausherman
  • Ken Johnson
  • Jim Thompson
Thanks to Dave Redlin for his willingness to serve on the Executive Council!
EC, advisors prepare for the 2015 Membership Meeting. One of the enormous Magnolia trees at Williamsburg.